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Confetti Show at the Wedding


Weddings are one of the most memorable days of your life, that’s why it is so important to make sure the energy in the room is on point at all times. Creating an amazing ambience and unforgettable experience for all of the guests is exactly Paul LeBlanc’s profession as a DJ/Entertainer. 

Weddings are without a doubt Paul’s favourite type of event to DJ. Given the emotional investment of all of the guests, Paul is really able to tap-into that energy of love in the room and maximizes every moment with the perfect song.  LeBlanc has a significant amount of wedding experience, as he has DJed 25+ every summer since 2013. If you decide to move forward with booking Paul LeBlanc, he will exceed all of your expectations with his professionalism, flexibility, warm personality & talent. 

Please know that it would be Paul’s great pleasure and grand honour to provide the entertainment and musical vibrations for your big day. When it comes to the dance floor, prepare yourself to experience the most epic blend of music your ears and soul have ever witnessed. His years of music experience have made him become a true DJ master.

Wedding Hall
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