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Paul LeBlanc is a passionate music person. His journey began at a very young age. It was only a matter of time until his love for music manifested into fervent musical celebrations and vibrant dance floors. He started playing the piano in 2000, producing music in 2005 and has been a full-time DJ since 2010. 

For the last decade Paul has experimented and gained a very broad amount of DJ experience. Staying open to all types of events has enabled him to become quite a versatile DJ. LeBlanc has experience spinning almost every type of event imaginable. Most of them being: private parties, weddings, sports events & nightclubs, but as you can imagine he has also DJ’d everything in between. LeBlanc has gained the ability to play the right song at every moment in any setting. He thrives on being able to read the energy & emotion of the room; this is the essence of a DJ. His recipe for success is to be prepared coming into every event, be confident and always be in the moment. Paul is also a musician/producer his years of making people dance unmistakably comes out in his productions, creating a global & rhythmic sound in his songs.



Transparency, good communication and ultimately a relationship is created when business truly thrives. If you are interested in hiring Paul for an event, he truly wishes to create a bond with you from the first conversation until the last song of your special event. He will make sure you feel 100% comfortable all through-out the process. Paul loves helping others and making their biggest dreams come to life. Leading up to your event Paul will make sure you are on the same page and you will be stress free going into your event. (Book a meeting)

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Other than DJing, Paul loves human connection and great conversations, he is most certainly an extrovert. On any given day you can find him going on an adventure, loving life at the dog park, playing some puck or catching some sun rays on the links. Paul loves all sports, his main ones being ice hockey & golf. He also owns and operates an Ottawa/Gatineau hockey community ( and has been officially organizing games since 2010. 

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